US politics feels like Batman vs Joker

What I mean is that the two parties work under different rules. Whereas Democrats are punished if they adhere to “norms”, Republicans seem to be rewarded. For example, Republicans constantly launch political investigations into Democrats with the sole purpose of damaging a Democrat’s ability to get elected, the Democrats seem unwilling or unable politically able to do the same against Republicans. Only when the evidence is overwhelming as in the impeachment do they proceed. And this fact is unchallenged as the Republicans who were in charge of investigating Hillary Clinton made it clear after the fact that the investigations were purely political and meant to harm her chances to win election. The same now with Joe Biden, or his son. No illegal activity has been alleged against either, other than profiting off his father’s name, yet the current president has his FAMILY running parts of the government, WHICH IS ILLEGAL, and gets no pushback. It feels like a Batman and Joker situation, where Batman, as the good guy, is constrained from all the dirty tricks that the Joker does because of his moral code. Yet that moral code puts him at a distinct advantage to the Joker, who manipulates Batman’s unwillingness to kill to continue his immoral behavior. Because Democrats still feel the need to be moral, the Republicans, who by and large have no morals these days, do not have a problem opening baseless investigations into their political opponents. And thus, the Democrats appear “weak” in comparison to Republicans because they are adhering to a moral code. And with American evangelicals embracing Christian Nationalism as opposed to what’s written in the Bible, the Republicans are free to be as immoral as they please, since their base of voters no longer cares about morality.