exposed again

In this article, the National Review stresses the importance of law enforcement regaining control of the protests raging around the country. After I read article after article from the conservative news media and pundit world, I keep coming back to the same thing…none of it is based on principles of anything. Not one word was written about WHY people are protesting. Nor is there a mention that the very people enforcing the protests are the same people who are being protested against. And the statute they site is the “Insurrection Act” which allows the President to intervene in state affairs with the US military by violently putting down any disturbance. So the “conservative” National Review is calling for the US Military Armed Forces to attack its own citizens. This after 2 or 3 days of rioting. It seems like it isn’t real. Do they want a Kent State II? Yet these same people giddily go after the FBI or any other federal law enforcement agency as being corrupt whenever they feel like it. “THIS police is corrupt but THIS police is not” doesn’t seem like a very effective backdrop for a call for military putdowns of protests of that very power.

It all just feels convenient. It seems that the end is never what is being stated, “Law &Order” in this case. Law and order has a definition that means something, it’s not just a term you can throw around. One of those concepts is equal treatment under the law. OK we’ve got the “Order” part, now where’s the “Law” part? The order part should only be necessary if the law part isn’t working. Well, is the law part working? After fighting for order, are they then fighting to better the law? No, they are not. In almost all cases, these calls are just efforts to keep power consolidated. Any threat to that will be put down with the resources that consolidated power control, and they will be used against their own citizens, without hesitation.