two predictions post-second-impeachment

First prediction. The main argument the Senate Republicans are using (the ones who voted no to continue the proceeding) is that the impeachment is unconstitutional because the official is out of office. That means that as soon as / if the GOP ever gains control of the House of Representatives, they will immediately start impeaching Democrats who are out of office. That’s who they are now, just ask Amy Coney Barrett, the Justice they swore they would never confirm when they stole Obama’s Supreme Court choice.

Second prediction. If the Senate Republicans fail to join the Democratic majority in convicting Trump, they and/or their families will, at some point in the fairly near future, be on the receiving end of one of Trump’s violent mobs. Liberals/Democrats make ReTrumplicans angry, but nothing makes them angrier than supposedly disloyal Republicans (RINOs). That’s why they wanted to hang Mike Pence, because he dared break with right-wing hegemony which called for unlawfully overturning the election results. There was practically no one more loyal than Pence, and look how they treated him, from the President to his mob. At yesterday’s impeachment trial, what the former president knew about Mike Pence being in danger was called into question. The article states that his lawyers “were not able to say exactly when Trump knew a mob had overtaken the Capitol as Congress met to certify the electoral results, while denying that he knew Pence was in danger” even though multiple reports *from Republicans* indicated he knew what was happening, and chose to do nothing.