A death cult

After the second mass shooting in only a week, this one (at last count) claiming the lives of 10 people, it becomes clearer by the day that the GOP is far, far beyond being a political party. With their opposition to masks, vaccines, and support of guns, they make it clear that there is no one they won’t kill or let die (including themselves) to advance whatever their current goals are. Were it not for abortion, guns, religious discrimination of the LGBT community, and white supremacy, there wouldn’t even be a Republican party. I challenge anyone to state clearly what the current GOP’s policy goals are. “Cancel culture”, the cause du jour for the current right wing, is not only not an issue, but not an issue where legislation would be constitutional and effective. But while claiming to be pro-life, the GOP absolutely love murder, if not in practice, at least the idea of it. For example, they support endless wars with non-state enemies, murder by gun owner, cop killings, the death penalty, and murder by attempted coup, and that’s only the direct murders. They also believe the government has no role in preventing the indirect deaths caused by businesses killing you with bad food, pollution, or opioids, by allowing people and in fact encouraging people to not wear masks and take vaccines. and by allowing hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths each year through lack of health coverage. And yet, they carve out one tiny exception to their death urge for embryos, while ignoring the life of the person carrying it. (Abortion of viable fetuses is already illegal, so any claim that this is happening and that’s what they’re trying to prevent is a lie.) They really seem to embrace the Hobbesian view that life in civilization, as opposed to the state of nature where civilization has collapsed, should be “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.” For everything that’s not an embryo, that is.