The Milk Analogy

I think many Americans have come to view their political party as they view their religion or sports teams, essentially immutable choices that they can never change. But it’s really a choice like buying milk that you can change whenever you want. And to extend this analogy to the two US political parties, if you want white milk and only white milk, then the Republican party is your party. If you can’t stand any other types of “woke” milk existing, like oat or almond, then you have one choice. And the big thing is, they are doing everything they can to make you think that you have no other choices but white milk by reducing the number of stores that sell milk and the times that they are open. The Democratic party on the other hand doesn’t tell you what type of milk to drink, they let you drink whatever milk you want. And they keep the milk store open and stocked for all your milk needs. And if you want a type of milk they don’t carry, then you can request the type you like and they’ll try to get it in stock. Don’t even think about asking for chocolate milk at the GOP milk store, and GOD FORBID you ask for oat milk because that’s socialism. And let’s face it, the Republicans can’t run a store with any more ability than they run Congress, so if you actually want the milk store open at all, then there’s only one party to vote for.