2 Different Boycotts

Watching what the left and right in America are boycotting has been very illuminating.

On the right, they recently boycotted a company because they made a small promotion featuring a trans person. That’s it. They boycotted them merely for acknowledging their existence and influence. No one was killed, injured, or even harmed.

On the left, the boycotts have been coming from two main directions: The most recent one, to force companies to stop supporting a genocide with their actions and the other one is to fight against companies using their monopolistic power to raise prices and shrink sizes of products while wages continue to stagnate, and then suggesting outrageous solutions to keep the profits in those companies rising forever, like when the CEO of Kellogg’s suggested that people eat cereal for dinner.

See any differences? It appears to me that the people who boycott over a culture war issue don’t realize how incredibly privileged they are that they don’t even think about the genocide that is happening while at the same time saying that a trans person existing is the end of the world. Imagine these two protests side-by-side: on one, they are complaining that a company hired a trans person. On the other, they’re complaining that companies are supporting a genocide and using vulture capital schemes to continually feed a never-ending, always-hungry, capitalistic monster at the expense of hardworking Americans.

A stark difference if you ask me.