Biden Closes the Southern Border

And of course, it won’t be enough to please the American hard right. Already, the comments are “too little, too late”, but that is rich considering there was a bipartisan immigration bill before Congress that extreme MAGA rejected, and Biden is forced to do this because of their recalcitrance.

It’s frankly amazing how much Biden has done to appease the right, essentially everything they asked for that is not culture-war based. He lowered gas prices. He increased American energy independence so that now the US is a net energy exporter. He signed a huge “roads and bridges” infrastructure bill that was rejected by every R in Congress (who still are going home to their districts and claiming credit for it). He has brought down inflation. He helped us recover from a disastrous COVID response from the last president. He brought the troops home from Afghanistan at great political cost.

Those are all so-called conservative talking points! And mind you, the last administration did NONE of those things. And yet, right wingers still seem to be unhappy, while their candidate just got convicted on 34 felony counts and was proven in court to be an adulterer and a liar. A person that can now not legally travel to 37 other countries because of that. And on top of all that, the conservatives are now attacking law & order itself, because that system is holding one of their liars to account. What a precarious time to be an American. Let’s hope there are enough rational people out there who can see the world beyond their little bubble and prevent the collapse of America that would surely happen if any R gets elected President. Especially this one.