the other voting machine company

Every time you look up, it gets worse for the GOP. Today, FOX News along with some of their named correspondents, were hit with a 2.7 billion dollar lawsuit. That in itself is great news, to see this media company (notice no other “lamestream media” were named) face scrutiny for its actions and the actions of its employees. But as it always is, it’s much worse than that. The company that file this lawsuit was SmartMatic. The other that was attacked and has sued is Dominion. There is a third supplier of voting machines, E S & S. This voting machine is implicated as the reason why states like Texas and Florida who were polling much closer, and who are populated by corrupt officials, on election day those votes came out comfortably in the Republican’s favor. It is not a coincidence that the voting machine that doesn’t provide a paper trail is the one that is most popular in Republican states.